The Herbal Pharmacy

The Herbal Pharmacy at the Milwaukee Acupuncture and Health Center

Our Herbal Pharmacy is one of the largest and most complete herbal pharmacies in Wisconsin to provide you with individualized herbal formulae for all your health care needs. The pharmacy includes raw herbal formulas, capsules, high quality herbal extract granules, liquid liniments and powdered tablets tailored to each individual treatment plan. The pharmacy has an inventory of over 450 different herbs both in raw form and pre-made formulas. As your health invigorates and you become well, your herbal prescriptions can be individually adjusted to your improving health conditions.

For detailed information or any questions, please contact us at (414) 727-4640.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I've been suffering with IBS for many years and have tried different kinds of treatments without ideal result. I started received acupuncture and herbal therapy in Milwaukee Acupuncture and Health Center last year and the treatments has changed my life, I feel much better than ever before!"
    Shirley L.
  • "Dr Liu; you have been the most important person in my physical life! You have treated me for my aches, pains, allergies. I am always amazed how you are able to help me live a better life . I THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME STAY HEALTHY!!!"
    Kevin Z.
  • "Dr. Liu and his awesome support staff welcomed me into their clinic and gave me HOPE! After 5 back surgeries, countless injections of steroids and multiple prescriptions I still had no relief. Now, with Dr. Liu's treatments I have FINALLY gotten some pain relief. I will never be pain free but I am enjoying many things in life that I have previously had to give up. If you have back pain, headaches or other medical conditions give Dr. Liu a try... you won't be sorry!"
    Karen H.
  • "Very professional, courteous, and friendly. Acupuncture and massage treatment has given me the most relief for my chronic lower back pain and headaches..."
    Jose M.